Sunday, October 01, 2006

Paradise Found in Sounion

You may have never heard of the village of Sounion, but it turned out to be a bit of paradise for the Zs travelling through Greece. We had all nights covered except the last in Voulegmeni (where Troy was working), so we ventured out on the last day. We had both always wanted to see the Temple of Poseidon, about 65 km south of Athens - so that is where we went.

We discovered the temple of Poseidon, which is generally considered one of the most amazing settings for a temple as it stands over the sheer cliffs leading into the Adriatic Sea. But we also discovered an amazing hotel at the base of the Temple. The village only has two tavernas and the hotel beach pretty much takes up the entire cove. But once there, all you can do is relax, swim, sleep and watch the occasional boats go by. We watched the families show up Friday night to be taken out to the boats for a sunset dinner and cast off in the morning for a weekend in the Mediteranian.

For us, it meant playing on the beach - where you could walk out 100 meters before shoulder height. For Sophia, it meant an outdoor beach playground that she just loved (as you can see in the photos). We could have easily stayed a week in this bit of paradise.

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