Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Halloween has not really come to Paris. Euro Disney has a great celebration (the 12 year old in our building went there last night for a spooky party), but the rest of the Halloween traditions aren't really a part of Parisian life. It was actually kind of strange to be accosted on the street yesterday by a goblin mask asking for a present, "un cadeau" in French. When I asked him for a trick, in english, he said "Nevermind" and walked away.
Sophia doesn't really like the Halloween celebrations that are here. For the Cathedral Halloween Part, we tried to get her into her Princess costume, but that failed. We then tried her Pumpkin T-shirt, but that failed as well. She would allow us to paint butterflies on her cheeks and went to the party like that. They didn't last long at the party though, the minute she saw the clown it was all over (she didn't even see the vampire until later).
On Tuesday I managed to sneak her into her Pumpkin T-shirt, and that went over very well at school!
Happy Halloween Everyone!

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