Saturday, February 24, 2007


Brehan, Nana, Sophia & Moya in the grounds of Chambord.

Troy, Sophia, Moya & Nana in front of Chambord.

Sophia & Brehan making angels with their legs in the rocks against the chateau walls.

The tri-color flying above the entrance.

The Chateau of Chambord, the largest in the Loire, was our introduction to chateau life and it is amazing! over 400 rooms, and 360 fireplaces to keep it warm because it was a winter hunting lodge for the Royal family. There were only 80 rooms open to see, and that was plenty!
It was such a beautiful day we were able to go out on the terraces & walk all over the roof. The chimneys are so elaborate, one guidebook even described it as an over-crowded chess board.

Sophia was great, was able to run thru all of the rooms, and up the stairs. It was crazy...

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