Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sophia turns 3!

Sophia waiting for cupcakes with Ava & Nana

Blowing her own birthday horn with a head full of bubbles...

Celebrating with our friends Constance & Marc (Constance was only 1 month old at Sophia's birthday party last year!)

Sophia riding her new scooter with her Hello Kitty princess Mirror (it's hard to give up one toy to play with another on your birthday.)

Her first party with Taki (opa) the greek bear, Tiger, and Flora.

We decided to spread Sophia's birthday celebrations out over a few days. We had a party with friends on Sunday afternoon, and then Monday night had a family dinner with more presents. Then Troy was traveling on Tuesday, so she had to have presents to make up for the fact that daddy was gone, then more on Wednesday because it was Nana's last day. Over all I think she is left with the fact that you can have presents or treats for any reason at any time. That is a very powerful thought for a 3 year old to have in her mind.

We always notice when we go to the states for a vacation or holiday that Sophia goes thru a language explosion while we are there. I think not having the competing languages & just being able to concentrate on one allows her mind to absorb everything she hears. After the visit from Nana the last 2 weeks I think we can safely make the same assumption about visits from our family. Today we were having discussions about where we all were traveling to (a huge fascination since Nana left - Where did she go? How did she get there? Where is she now?) and Sophia announced that she was going to be traveling to London (to Buck Palace of all places), and daddy would be going to Germany. When I asked where I would be going, Sophia told me I would be going to "Spanish" of all places. Given the tapas restaurant we were at last night I thought that was rather appropriate, and with the weather the way it is now (Seattle-ish with lots of rain & wind) I wouldn't really mind going to Spain, even if I have to go by myself.

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