Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Easter Monday at Le Treport

Easter Monday (a very welcome holiday in France) is actually a day off for MS, so we decided to drive up to Northern Normandy for the day, to a little town called Le Treport. Very cute town, with a small harbor (fish ladder, locks and big freighters going thru little narrow canals), and a rock beach.
Seriously, big rocks. And no sand! It was amazing. The rocks were stunning because the water hits the shore so hard that the rocks actually break and then are polished. Sophia, needless to say, had a blast.
She loves to throw (her favorite game right now is to play catch with Koukala), and so to be able to throw rocks for hours was the highlight of the weekend for her, well , after the chocolate for breakfast yesterday.
We took a break from the beach to have Pizza for lunch, and when we emerged from the restaurant we couldn't see the water any longer. The fog came in faster than in San Francisco.
We then watched a freighter being moved thru the locks (about12 inches play on either side & the bar pilot tug following behind) with the fog horn blown every 10 seconds. It was a new experience for Sophia & she actually did pretty well. (fog horns are really loud when you are only 10 feet away from the ship)
We decided to drive inland, hoping the fog would disappear before the next town, but Sophia fell asleep, and we decided that days are better when she gets a nap.... We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering back to Paris (where it was almost 80!)

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