Monday, May 14, 2007

St Paul de Vence

Sophia & her back seat travel buddies for our rainy travel!

The hill towns of Southern France were most impressive! This is St Paul de Vence, amazing streets with lots of artist and antique shops, cafe's with beautiful views down to the sea (if we could only have seen the sea thru the raindrops), only accessable by walking the narrow corridors, and practically empty because of the rain. We had a great time, and then Sophia found fountains to play in (why not get wetter when you can) and she had a great time.

Hiding out under the umbrella.
Wandering the streets...
Thrilled to be playing in the water!

The town was beautiful, and we all enjoyed the dry church at the top of the hill, but my favorite part was when we were walking thru the tunnel on the way into the town as it was pouring on us & Sophia yelling out "I want to stay in here, I don't want to go back outside". There were a number of english speaking travelers around us & they all started cracking up as they were slipping & sliding down the hill.

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