Friday, October 12, 2007

Update on the Zs - Paris to Munich

Its been a while since we've passed on actual news to everyone, and so here you go...

On Sept 30th we completed our move from Paris to Munich. It was almost a week in a hotel in Paris, then into another in Munich (in the middle of Oktoberfest) while we looked for a temporary and permanent apartment. (Apartment hunting is difficult in Munich!!) After a few days we did manage to find a temp apartment, but we can't move in until the 17th, so we tried to extend our stay in the Munich Hotel. Unfortunately there was no room, and after a few more days we decided it would be easier for Troy if Sophia & I flew to Seattle until the 17th. Fortunately, we made it in time for Papa's 65th birthday extravaganza!!

The good news is that Troy has found an apartment for us in Munich, and signed the paperwork today so it is all finished. Unfortunately we can't move in until Jan 1st. So we have a few more months in temp housing. But at least we will have 2 bedrooms!

Sophia is doing great with the transition, although she really misses her Nanny from Paris. She is in a bi-lingual kindergarten, and LOVES it! When I went to pick her up on the second day she started crying! She will be really excited to get back there...

Besides the move, our other big news is that we are going to have another baby. As of yesterday I am 13 weeks along, and the due date is sometime between April 20-28th. (good post-tax season timing) It was quite a relief to go to the doctor in the US. Pre-natal care is wonderful in France, but there is something to be said about talking medical information with someone in both of your native languages... Anyway, baby is healthy & growing & kicking & doing all of the stuff it is suppossed to. Sophia is very excited about being a big sister, and keeps talking about her baby brother... Silly girl.

So that is our latest. We'll be back in Munich on Wednesday and will have lots more adventures to talk about then. In the meantime, Seattle has been wonderful & Sophia is having a great time with Nana & Papa. There is something to be said about escaping life every once in a while...

At some point we are going to have to change the name of the blog - any suggestions?

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