Monday, November 05, 2007

The latest from Sophia

Another week has started in Munich, bringing with it some beautiful weather! We have been trying to spend lots of time outside while we can, because the snow is suppossed to start at the end of the week again.

Sophia has been very funny lately. We don't really have TV stations right now (BBC News & CNN World aren't really child friendly) so we've been watching a few selected videos on nights when we are having a little down time. She likes to first watch in English, then French, Spanish, Greek and then German. (We usually don't make it thru the English versions...)
We went for a long bike ride on Saturday, and ended up stopping at the Munich Zoo. The animals were all in hiberbation, but the rides were working & we all had a very funny time going on the train, the old Zoo cars, and (Sophia's favorite) a Lightening McQueen!

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