Sunday, January 13, 2008

Z update

Sorry for the long silence, but we have been very busy here!
After returning from Seattle last Saturday, we (finally!!!) got the keys to our "real" apartment on Monday morning & the rest of the week has been a whirlwind of furniture & IKEA deliveries. Not to mention a bit of jet lag. Sophia has slipped back into her school schedule with no problem. Honestly I think it was nice for her to have something familiar on the return as we went thru yet another change!
We have spent the weekend putting rooms together, and using the baby's room as storage for the time being. Our office is filled with extra pieces of plastic and cardboard, and extra screws that should have gone into some of the new furniture.
Sophia's room is coming together nicely, although her bed won't be delivered until this week. She is getting all new furniture, as everything she had before will be used for the baby. She is the Princess & the Pea right now, sleeping on a stack of mattresses on the floor.
We have a great, old apartment (photos to come soon I promise!). However, every room slopes in one direction or another. It is most obvious in Sophia's room, where the center of the room feels about 6 inches shorter than the floor at the walls. You can actually see the furniture lean into the center. We tried to pick a bed location for her where she wouldn't roll off every night.
In the meantime, we also have been trying to clean out our temporary apartment. Its amazing how much stuff we can accumulate in 3 1-/2 months of living out of suitcases! It has been 3 car loads, but I think we are finally done. The cleaners come on Tuesday and then we will officially have moved.
Anyway, lots of rest is called for for me tonight so I'll try & do a bigger update later this week.
Happy New Year to everyone

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