Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sophia's new school

We spent yesterday afternoon at one of the International schools just outside of Munich at their spring festival picnic, and were able to avoid most of the rain that came thru town later in the day. Sophia has been attending a bilingual Montessori school this year, however we have decided to move her starting in the fall to the international school near Troy's office. There are a number of reasons to move her, but we both feel this will be a good place for us as a family.
The community at the picnic was fantastic, and the school presented itself very well to new families. In addition to the beer garden, hot dogs & hamburgers, tables selling all kinds of stuff (from jewelry to garage sale merchandise) there was entertainment. We only saw a couple of bands, but the one that impressed us the most were the 14 year old boys jamming on the stage, with all of their "groupies" swaying to the beat with linked arms & surrounding them. All that was missing was a couple of lighters held up in the air!

Sophia really enjoyed the playground, and even made friends running on the grass (did I mention it is still very exciting to her that she can play on the grass!) and climbing the castle play area.

We are also telling her it is princess school since one of the original buildings is the old castle!

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