Saturday, June 07, 2008

Alexandra at 6 weeks

The development of a smile.

Our little one is becoming a chunky monkey! I think she is up over 5 kilos, we go to the doctor next week for her U3 exam. That would be about 4 lbs in 7 weeks - a very good eater & becoming a good sleeper too. The more noise surrounding her the better!
(Thanks Kate & Marc!)

Sorry for the delay in blogging - I am just amazed at how little time there is in the day, and night! Anyway, Alexandra is beginning to smile & we are all captivated by the joy! Sophia loves to put her face to face & I think Alexandra is finally beginning to see that Sophia is a special little person.
It has been remarkably hot here the past week, although we are in for a cool down the next few days. Poor Alexandra doesn't know what to do in the heat, except sleep. If we can keep her awake from 6-8 in the evenings, she still goes to bed at about the same time as Sophia, and then just wakes up 3 times to nurse in the middle of the night. Not bad, every 3 hours or so... Now if only Troy & I would get to bed earlier, then we would feel a lot better!

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