Friday, October 31, 2008

Half Term Break in France

We spent a few days outside of Colmar for Sophia's fall break. I would HIGHLY recommend going to the Alsace region of France. I spent a weekend outside of Strasburg 2 years ago (a child free weekend at an amazing spa in La Petite Pierre), but we had never explored the area.

It is amazing. Tons of wine tastings, rolling hills with vineyards everywhere and beautiful storybook towns. The colors of the fall were on a last shout before fading, and the rain was relentless, but we are determined to go back for another round. None of the villages that we chose were more than a 20 min drive apart, even when we went up into the foothills of the Vosges mountains. It was a perfect place for a mini break.

We wandered from Village to Village, chosing our first one based on the location of the morning markets (one of the things we miss most about Paris is the rotisserie chicken from our local butcher), picking up dinner & snacks for the day, then just wandering thru the streets. We even did a bit of early christmas shopping, and Sophia has quite the eye for gifts this year!

The girls & I loved having Troy around all the time, and the indoor (very Lord of the Flies) pool was just enough exercise for the girls, and we managed to get them out every day without either of them getting hurt.

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