Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Alexandra at 6 months... Check-up

An interesting check-up today to say the least... Sophia is on a 2 day break for Parent Teacher Conferences (ours is postponed because Troy is traveling), and so she had to come with us this morning.

Alexandra was a star. She went thru all of her tests with flying colors (apart from not being able to pay attention to the hearing test because Sophia kept talking & running around the room so the ear attachment kept flying out of Alexandra's ear as her head was spinning). And the doctor felt she has a very good personality because she didn't cry when he was throwing her around in the air to see what her reactions were. (all of those body movement tests that they do to newborns in the US, they still do to the 6 month olds here - I've forgotten if they did it to Sophia?!)

So then we came to the shot. I have to say, one of the best things about getting immunizations in Europe is the combined shots that they have. For the 6 immunizations that Alexandra received today she only had one shot. AMAZING! The other amazing thing, the drugs are from a US company (the doctor keeps telling me that as if to re-assure me that it makes the meds safer for my daughter), why don't we have this in the US?

Anyway, Alexandra handled the shot like a pro. She looked down at her leg, and made a squeak saying "Wow, that hurts." And then looked at me when it was over. At the same time Sophia is in the corner screaming "THEY ARE PRICKING HER!" over & over again with tears filling her eyes.

Then Sophia looked at me & said, "I'm never coming back here."

Alexandra is now 71cm (about 28") and 7,240 grams (almost 16lbs). No teeth yet, but the doctor said it is way to early for that... He was surprised when I told him how early Sophia got hers! Safely above average in both height & weight. Basically a happy & healthy child. And very smile-y (that threw him off a bit...)

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