Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold play on the weekends

We don't usually spend much time in English Garden (since the dog incident), but we had to see the lake near the See Haus frozen over. You could walk out to the island, and all around the lake. Although we could see the area on the other side where the ice had started melting, and we were a bit concerned about the people playing hockey near there - what if they lost a puck?

It is just a bit crazy for us, Green lake hardly ever froze growing up, and to see ice everywhere, every day is just nuts. It has warmed up to the mid 30's though, and feels so warm I actually walked out without a scarf the other day. Amazing how much warmer 35 is than 20...

Alexandra in her "hermatically sealed" stroller. She is so warm with the snow suit & sleeping bag, and plastic rain shield, that you can actually see condensation on the inside of the plastic cover!

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