Friday, April 24, 2009

The drive to Provence

I know it sounds nuts to most Europeans, that we would drive 10 hours to Provence instead of taking the train or flying, but we would still need a car while there, and trains are not exactly cheap or necessarily faster in Germany. Plus Munich to Avignon isn't really a straight shot. Probably direct to Milan, and then a transfer there to Nice, and then north.

And how would we get all the wine back to Munich? (the wine we didn't drink anyway...)

It was a beautiful drive, down around Lake Constance into Switzerland, across Switzerland almost to Basel, and then we stayed the first night in Montreux on Lake Geneva.

Lake Geneva & the Alps

Although it took us longer, because we then went south of Lake Geneva toward Chamonix & Albertville, the drive was absolutely incredible. Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Glacier on Mt Blanc

It would have not been so stomach churning, but the main highway was closed so we were sent off on the mountain's edge on a local road for about an hour. Unreal sights, lots of grapes, crevasses, glaciers falling down mountains, and ski areas still open (we even saw people going out for hikes with their skis on their backs!) ~ just beautiful!

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