Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Z Update - Spring?

(Sophia trying to keep her grip on a squirmy Alexandra)

Sorry for the silence the past couple weeks, its been a bit crazy! Troy has been on a travel spree, and at the same time Alexandra has been going thru a huge growth spurt!!

The past couple of days has been such a relief for all of us. Alexandra's smile is back, her giggle (which went on for a good 30 min today) is back, and her sleep habits have been returned to their normal 7:30-7:45 wake up. (side note - I don't do very well when both girls are up at 6. There is just something about the time - 6AM! It wasn't bad when I could sleep thru the night, but someone is up in the middle of the night. Either Sophia walks into our room, or Alexandra starts crying & given the teething issue we don't really feel like waking up all of our neighbors...)

Anyway, the time change that happened this past weekend is really wonderful for us - the rooms stay darker later & Troy & I may even have a bit of a lie in this weekend.

But spring is fleeting in Munich. This past week we had a Saturday morning that had amazing sunshine and beautiful sky, only to degrade into a cold, damp, rainy day. Four days before that we had snow. Not just snow falling, but snow piling up! Inches on the grass outside our apartment, and terrible visibility.
Hopefully April brings extended periods of sun, and a lot more travel!

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