Thursday, May 07, 2009

Neuschwanstein - with a hike

The last day is always so sad, so we decided to pull Sophia out of school early & drive down to the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

Unfortunately, the bus to the top of the hill was not running, and the line for the carriages was so long that we decided (all of us!) to make the hike up to the top. Pushing the stroller, taking a few rest stops, and at times carrying Sophia, we all made it up in 45 min, the recommended time! Unfortunately, for the visitors to the castle, the interior is not very exciting. Only one floor was finished before Mad King Ludwig’s death, and the castle was never completely furnished. We didn’t walk into the castle, but explored the courtyards, and then Moya & Papa walked over to Marian’s Bridge which overlooks the castle & the valley,
(Doesn't it look like a Hollywood backdrop?)while Nana took the girls down to the restaurant for some much needed ice cream. And then we managed to secure a carriage on the way down!

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