Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oktoberfest 2009 – 1st night early

Troy & i went to Oktoberfest for a couple of hours last year, but didn’t really feel like we had a proper Oktoberfest experience.  He had gone with the office, and had a good time, but we really wanted to go with friends & be able to really enjoy ourselves.  So last April, Troy made reservations for a table, and all we could get was a Sunday night in the Paulaner tent.   Sunday nights usually aren’t the best for drinking parties, but we thought it would still be fun. 

Then, on Friday Brehan & Caro invited us to a table in the Hofbrau tent (American & Aussie party central!) for Saturday night.  So we dressed in tracht (traditional clothing – thanks Caro!) and managed to do Oktoberfest 2 nights in a row.  This (Monday) morning was tough…

Oktoberfest 09  (3) Getting off the train was like being in a cattle call.

Oktoberfest 09  (5) Looking down on the masses of people. This tent holds about 7,000 people inside, and an additional 3,000 in the outside seating.

Oktoberfest 09  (8) Our hosts, Moritz & Yagmur.

Oktoberfest 09  (6) Caro & Brehan – early in the evening.

Oktoberfest 09  (19) Troy & I dressed to blend in.

Oktoberfest 09  (26)  Oktoberfest 09  (18) Oktoberfest 09  (21) Oktoberfest 09  (32)

and getting later….

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