Saturday, October 03, 2009

Family Day at Oktoberfest

Both Tuesdays during the Oktoberfest are the official “family” days, which works great with the German school system (where the kids don’t start until they are 6, and even then only go to school until noon until they are 10, when they are tested & tracked as to where they will end up in life – a University & beyond student, a technical school graduate, or a high school graduate.  Seriously – at 10 YEARS OLD!!!)  Sorry for the digression, anyway, family day doesn’t really work with our family schedule, so we went Saturday morning.  The last weekend.  Crazy, and a bit dumb, but Sophia was dying to go (really they are trying to make it more family friendly & a lot of her friends had already gone).  So we all dressed up, and spent the morning at the Wies’n.  IMG_0008

Sophia picked out a few rides to go on:IMG_7355

The carousel of course,IMG_7340 IMG_7348

the “fun house” which didn’t last very long (loud noises of air are very scary…)IMG_0015

And the Giant Ferris Wheel – our favorite because we all were able to go.IMG_0014 IMG_7359 By noon most of the tents were closed due to over capacity, and we needed to get out of there, so we wandered back to our stroller** and left for this year.  But it was fun while it lasted!


** Side note on the stroller.  Strollers are not allowed on the Wies’n grounds on weekends or holidays.  Understandable, however we were stuck with a stroller at the entrance that we then had to put somewhere.  The very kindly police officer directed us to the “checked luggage” area, which opened at 11am.  Not very helpful when you are there at 10:15am.  Right next to the “hold area”, was a children’s play park where there were a number of unoccupied strollers at random locations.  We bit the bullet, figured we’ve gotten 5 good years out of this stroller & pushed it next to the bushes.  90 min later we returned to find our stroller in the same place, and at least 30 other strollers lined up perfectly behind it…  We were obviously not the only ones caught unaware.

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