Thursday, November 12, 2009

St Martin’s Day

Nov 11 is the feast of St Martin, which is celebrated in Germany & Austria by children making lanterns & walking thru the streets singing songs about the good deeds of Martin of Tours (I don’t think many people here know he is the patron Saint of France…)  Both girls had festivals at their schools.  Sophia joined us at Alexandra’s, although we could only remember the words to one verse of one of the songs so we just sang it over & over again. 

The Geese are traditionally eaten during this feast.  The story is something about Martin hiding in a Goose shed when he found out he was going to become bishop of Tours & the Geese shouting & giving him away, so they were killed & eaten for dinner.  But they are pretty cute!St Martins 103 St Martins 110 Sophia’s celebration was during the school day yesterday, although it was so dark you could have used the candles to light the lanterns.  We started outside in the drizzle, and then went into the atrium for the rest of the show.St Martins 007 St Martins 011 St Martins 016St Martins 032  St Martins 037

She actually had a bit of a speaking part during the assembly, welcoming the parents & introducing the story. 

St Martins 049

St Martins 060

St Martins 069

Then back to the classroom for Geese cookies, and a few class photos.

St Martins 098 St Martins 100 and the parent paparazzi!

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