Saturday, January 16, 2010

Skating on the canal

We were in the midst of a deep freeze last week, with a couple inches of snow every night.  Mind you, Munich is flat, with snowplows for both the streets & sidewalks, so we weren’t really affected by the snow at all.

[Except it takes sooooo long to get the girls dressed for school, clean the car off, warm everyone up.   I have never been much of a morning person, but I am really beginning to hate the 7-9am hours.  Just too much stress for that early in the morning…]

However, we were able to take advantage of the low temps (a high of –5 on Thursday) to have some fun on the canal in front of Nymphenburg Palace.IMG_0120 Alexandra managed to talk us into letting her out of her strollerIMG_0096 & being able to run on the ice.IMG_0112 Sophia just had a great time skating around in circles, and pulling our friend Dominic who was visiting from Italy.IMG_0107 She & Alexandra are so funny togetherIMG_0097 IMG_0101IMG_0103 Alexandra is just doing everything she can to keep up with Sophia.  This does not bode well for us in the future…IMG_0110 IMG_0123 And yes, all Alexandra wanted to do was eat the ice shavings.IMG_0115 So we left for lunch, and passed by all of the Germans playing a game on the ice, a mixture of shuffleboard & curling.  I don’t understand it, but with all of the ice cleared it looked like there was quite the serious tournament going on.IMG_0093

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