Sunday, February 07, 2010

Fasching 2010

It’s the annual Fasching celebration in Munich right now, as the city warms up with Carnival – Munich’s own series of parties and balls around the city leading up to Fat Tuesday.  You may not think of Munich as a hot spot for Carnival, but the city really adopts any reason to party, even sending most workers home at noon on Fat Tuesday. But they have to be at work on time Wednesday morning.  As it kicks off with a parade that goes by our corner, we decided to invite a few friends over to help us bring in the Fasching season.  The girls loved getting dressed up, and loved even more having so many friends to watch the parade with.

IMG_0606 Alexandra discovering her wings – actually Sophia’s wings as they are being passed down, the scourge of being the second child.IMG_0616 Alexandra kept running around the house saying, “I’m flying…I’m flying” with her new wings.  Then she showed off her posed smile.

IMG_0621 Sophia with an elegant look over her new wings.  She started off with a costume as a cat, but then decided that she was partial to a flying cat.

IMG_0623 Sophia with her Hello Kitty costume on.  Like there was any other kitty that she would dress up as.

IMG_0636Sophia and her friends awaiting the beginning of the parade.  All you could hear is, “Sweeties, Sweeties, Sweeties.”  All the floats throw candy (sometimes aiming them directly at the kids heads – seriously do you know how much suckers hurt as they are being hurled at you!), and the kids had their bags ready to pick up as much as they could fit.


Alexandra loved her skirt so much that she wanted it over her ski suit.IMG_0688 Sophia standing back and watching the group of witches go by.  She decided to keep her distance from this group.

IMG_0702 Sophia, Aidan and Sarah looking for candy as it’s thrown from the floats.  We constantly had to keep moving the kids back away from the floats (driven by farm tractors with 8’ wheels), but there was little hope of keeping them away from the candy. 


The picture of the crew of kids and the spoils from the parade – all with their own bags filled with candy.  One child even used one of the parents hats to gather all the loot.

IMG_0714 Aidan, Maddie and Sophie – partners in crime when it comes to gathering candy at the parade or playing at school.

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