Thursday, April 29, 2010

The splendor of Orvieto

Once done with the market, we set about thru town trying to see the major sites, and keep the girls entertained.  Troy missed a church or 2, but was able to do more window shopping than us, while chasing Alexandra thru the various piazzas.   Orvieto

We escaped the heat into the church of Sant’Andrea.  Beautiful blue ceilings, and amazing shafts of light with Sophia wandering thru.


Seriously, can you believe this?  Amazing presence in this church…Orvieto



a few chocolate windows…Orvieto Orvieto Orvieto Fresh Pasta for lunch…so good!Orvieto Orvieto Orvieto more ice cream…Orvieto more ceramics (we didn’t actually buy too many…)Orvieto and pauses in the sun as we worked our way to the cathedral!

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