Friday, June 11, 2010

Back to Munich

After racing back to Munich from Provence (crying in our wine at night), Troy headed off to Seattle for some meetings, and the girls & I dealt with an amazing heat wave that had the temperatures in Munich increase by 40 (seriously it went from 55 to 95) in 2 days.  It was such a shock to the system! 

2010-06-05 2010-06-05 001 006 We went to beer gardens,

2010-06-05 2010-06-05 001 004

sat out on the terrace & attempted to listen to Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood while some jerk across the courtyard decided to have a Karaoke party with windows open at the same time!2010-06-05 2010-06-05 001 003 This new art arrived on our street on the back side of the construction wall for the Lenbachaus museum.  I had been quite surprised that no one had tagged the wall (the security cameras from the aEon building probably scared them away), but they finally came up with an agreement from one of the schools because there are now about 25 characters greeting us every time we turn on the street.2010-06-05 2010-06-05 001 001 Too hot to do anything but lay on the floor. Sophia & Alexandra decided the floor was the coolest place to be – personally I would have been on the tile in the kitchen, but I was cooking in there.

Ice Cream on the terrace is one of the best parts of summer! And ice cream on the terrace!

Given early dismissal on Fridays, we were actually able to make it to the swimming pool after school!2010-06-11 2010-06-11 001 001 Pizza for dinner, eaten poolside.  Nice…

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