Friday, November 26, 2010

Sunset Beach

Troy grew up never really playing at the beach, but it seems like every time we are in San Francisco the weather is beautiful & we have a great time there.

As is tradition we start with lunch at the Beach Chalet


almost 6 years ago we ate here after applying for our French Visa! No Lexa!Sophia's 1st Birthday! 035Sophia's 1st Birthday! 022

Then it was across the street to play in the sand.  We had forgotten that Lexa has never really played in beach sand.  Most of the beaches in Italy & Croatia that were close to Munich had really rocky beaches…IMG_8866

She started throwing sand up in the air, and then a poof right into her face.  It looked as if she had done a face plant.  And she made everyone smile!IMG_8869IMG_8878IMG_8873IMG_8885IMG_8899IMG_8901IMG_8906IMG_8908IMG_8916IMG_8925IMG_8937IMG_8938IMG_8947IMG_8953IMG_8956

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