Tuesday, April 26, 2005

So as I write this it is 9:30pm on April 26th. Sophia is 14 months old today and it is still twilight out. It is so unreal on a daily basis to have the world opened up to us. The rooftops over Paris are incredible, but especially as the sun is setting somewhere in the sky and it allows you to see the small community of lives that you are apart of.

So it turns out the latitude of Paris is 48n52, where as Seattle is “only” 45n36. I am actually further north than Seattle, not so strange when you think of the winters we will have in the coming years, but the summers… well it is no wonder Paris is called the city of lights. Also the lights on the Eiffel tower sparkle every hour on the hour until 2am in the summer for 10 min. These are the lights that Sophia refers to as bubbles. She is amazed every time she looks at her tower. It surprises all of us when we turn a corner & can see a part of the tower. Sophia goes crazy when she sees it. It reminds us every day of the opportunities that we have.

One of the amazing things that has happened is the lack of Paris “attitude” we have experienced since moving here. We have a favorite cafĂ© near the tower, where the waiters are turned to mush every time my daughter smiles; a favorite “marche” where the women at the checkout “coo-coo” Sophia whenever we leave, and how Sophia makes every day, every experience new.

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