Saturday, April 30, 2005


Sophia getting assistance from Dadddy on the small slide.
We have been doing lots of practice walking around the grounds - needless to say our backs are a little sore from the slight bend.
Troy & Sophia watching Jacques Chirac on the big screen (he is just off to the left of the photo).
Sophia trying to "crab walk" along the small hedges in the gardens of Trocadero.

Since we are going to be living about 3 blocks from Place du Trocadero, I thought I would show a few more photos of our time there, both at the play park and near the buildings. There are so many things available in this small area - the Musee de la Marine, the Cafe de l'Homme, Musee de l'Homme, Theatre national de Chaillot, a children's play park, fountains used for swimming during the summer (so we have heard), an aquarium (somewhere?), and grass you can actually walk on - a rarity in Paris.

Sunday afternoons the grounds are filled with families picnicing and playing football in very condensed areas on the hill, and every evening the top of the square is filled with people waiting to see the Eiffel Tower light up while listening to bongo drums, street musicians and dancers, all the while drinking (excellent French) wine out of paper cups -c'est damage!

Weekends often bring out political groups either protesting something, or the President giving a speech in the middle of the street. It is an interesting place to people watch.

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