Monday, May 09, 2005

More Hamburg & on to Munster

Brehan, Moya, Sophia & Troy on the Aussenalster after Sunday morning brunch.
Sophia & Troy with a very scary swan
Uncle Brehan helping Sophia with walking & swinging.
Playing with chairs in the rain at the Munster beer festival.
The Munster Festival.
After a great lazy Sunday morning with Brehan, we had brunch at a very funky cafe on the Aussenalster, one of the lakes in Hamburg, and then began the long drive back to Paris. Unfortunately, getting on the road at 1:30 on a Sunday afternoon, after a long holiday weekend out of a Hamburg Party was not the best idea. The drive on the autobahn went from 150kph to 0 every other mile and it was exhausting!!! We ended up getting off the autobahn, and taking the side highways to the next largest town where we thought we could find a hotel. It basically took us just over 5 hours to go about 90 miles, where we decided to stop & spend the night before doing the other 7 hours of the drive on Monday.
We ended up in a little town called Munster, at the end of their weekend beer festival. We were able to grab a couple of beers, enjoy the music, have a late dinner, pick up some bootleg CDs for the long drive the next day, and found a hotel with a very large closet (for the all important pack & play).
The drive the next day was much more pleasant!

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