Sunday, May 08, 2005

Traveling to Hamburg

Dinner outside in Dusseldorf in the old pedestrain zone - great beer & Italian food...
Brehan & Sophia on the baseball field.
Walking along a canal from the field. Sophia wanted to hold Brehans hand the whole time!
Brehan, Sophia & Troy at the town hall.

May is a great month in France - there are 4 different public holidays this month, so we decided to combine a couple for a long weekend to go to Hamburg to hang out with Uncle Brehan! The drive was a little longer because we forgot any CDs to listen to, but we overnighted in Dusseldorf on the way there, and arrived in the beautiful Hamburg neighborhood of Eppendorf the following afternoon.

It was a bit colder in Hamburg than we were expecting - we ended up having to purchase Sophia a foot sack for her stroller in order to keep her warm - and much busier due to the 100th anniversary celebration of the Hamburg Harbor -great beer gardens & fish on the waterfront.

Hamburg really surprised us, we were expecting fairly unattractive post-war buildings all over the city due to the bombings of WWII, but the canals and neighborhoods were wonderful!

It was great fun to hang out with Brehan, Sophia loved the entertainment in the back seat, and see a bit of the life that he has created over the last couple of years.

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