Thursday, September 21, 2006

The 2006 Ryder Cup in Ireland - GOLF/RYDERCUP06 - Barton: Money talks at The K Club

Well. We were on the course, but to be honest I was a little disappointed by the whole experience... The course was beautiful, but, as Murphy's Law would have it, Brehan & I happened to be scheduled for the day when the last of the hurricane hit Ireland; the trains & busses were cancelled, people were told to go home " the course was closed for the day", when they decided to re-open at 9am, the trains moved, the European team showed up, but the Americans were AWOL until 2 in the afternoon when they decided to play as a 12-some and only work on chipping & putting. Basically it was great to see them, butit was the Europeans that gave us the rush. Watching them on the driving range and then walking along on the 10-13th holes with them was amazing. At one point during the 4 some all of the drives were lined up about 300 yards off the tee, except for Padraig Harrington whose drive was 10 yards ahead of everyone else. So this does not bode well for the team USA this weekend if they won't even practice because it was too windy and all the Europeans could hit the middle of the fairway with the wind.

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