Monday, September 11, 2006

Daddy & Me BLISS

So Saturday mornings are reserved for Sophia and her daddy. We go to new places around Paris, hang out with other Paris dads and their kids - like Stuart or Charlie. This Saturday, we explored the Menagerie at the Jardin de Plante, supposedly the oldest public zoo in the world. Honestly, it felt like it. The zoo had a collection of many of the animals that wouldn't quite make it in today's zoos - like the Musk Ox or the North American racoon (like we haven't seen a few of those).

Well, after our adventure and a trip to the playpark, Sophia needed a treat for her good behavior all day. So Sophia had her chocolate Ice Cream and I had my chocolate crepe as we travelled back home. I was pushing the stroller with one hand while eating with the other. I took a big bite, and quickly realized I had spread chocolate all over my chin. I grappled for a napkin, while at the same time noticed a French couple passing by. At that moment of hightened self-contiousness, I looked down to Sophia, who turned to her daddy and said, "I have a chocolate mustache!" Circling her mouth was what looked like more of a chocolate Go-Tee. We couldn't help giggling and nor could the French passer bys. That's Daddy & Me Bliss if I've ever seen it.

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