Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Troy & I have been talking about where we would go if we had a weekend in Europe (extended weekend preferably) with no children, and Venice was always at the top of the list. Not necessarily because of the romance connotations, although it is very romantic, but because we couldn't imagine a city less welcoming for children. All the water, with no barriers, and steps to get over every bridge - it just doesn't sound very fun.
But I love Venice. It is eye candy for adults & visually amazing. So when we found ourselves 45 min away, and with a Sunday in Italy to spend somewhere (where every store would be closed in every other city) we decided to make the trip to the water, even with Sophia.
Overall, we did have a very good time. Sophia loves being in boats, and she no longer requires the use of a stroller all day long so in theory it worked out fine. But really Venice should be a romantic place, overpriced wine on balconies watching the sunset, wandering for hours in glass shops, taking a boat to the Islands and eating 3 hour lunches.
So we'll still long for an extended weekend, with no children, over the next couple of years. Any babysitters?

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