Friday, November 23, 2007

Neuschwanstein - The King's Castles

On a cold Sunday afternoon, we headed for the hills - the alps to be exact. We teamed up with one of Troy's co-workers and their two kids (Sophia seen here with Jackson) to show the kids the inspiration to the Sleeping Beauty castle. Of course, anything to do with princesses and castles, Sophia loves. I'm surprised she didn't ask to wear her Cinderella costume there. We went into the smaller of the two castles, but Sophia was more interested in chasing Jackson around than seeing the building or its surroundings. We took the 45 minute walk up to Neuschwanstein castle, which took about 2 hours with two three year olds (lots of distractions along the way - like sticks and moving water). Next time we'll take the horse carriage and get to the top.

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