Sunday, April 20, 2008

Due Date...

Well, unless something drastic changes over the next 12 hours, I'm going to guess that my due date will come & go without a new little girl showing her face. Troy is betting on Wednesday, 3 days late. Sophia was 4 days over her due date (and only 7lbs) so that would be fine too.

So we'll just keep on waiting.

Luckily we have distractions now. My parents arrived last night for a visit, and to meet their newest grandchild. Sophia is in heaven, has barely stopped moving since they arrived (I think she was jumping in her sleep), and will love the extra attention with the new little sister as well.

Its a beautiful day in Munich, so we are going to go enjoy the sunshine at a beer garden for lunch (alkohol-frei for me) and then laze away the day. Sundays in Munich are highly regulated for enforced relaxation (there are laws against making too much noise which includes bans on washing cars, mowing the lawn, and even taking out the garbage - all neighbor enforced of course). So we'll eat at a beer garden, go for a walk & take a break at another beer garden. Not a bad way to spend a sunny day.

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