Monday, November 24, 2008

Alexandra at 7 months...

So we have a little drooler on our hands... Alexandra turned 7 months this week (I'm a few days late, blame it on Thanksgiving!) and is just the most amazing personality! Her eyes continue to get bigger (and those of you who know me know what a miracle this is!), and are staying blue as far as we can see. The hair is a bit sparse at this point, but very much like Sophia's at a similar age.
Her new trick is to lean forward from a sitting position & put her weight on her hands. Sometimes she does quite well and manages to balance in an "in between position" for a few seconds before going back to sitting.
Sometimes she is able to scoot right to the edge of the carpet in this way (notice the nice extended drool of concentration), and then she likes to play with the hardwood floor.
Through it all she smiles & invites all of us to play with her on the ground. It is hard to just let her play, knowing that sometimes there is a big crash**
**notice the big red blotch on the side of her forehead.
Through it all her great personality is shining through, and she is really loving the interaction with people right now. Older ladies are the most fun for her, for there is no fear and they smile, and it has been great practice for my German by interacting with them.

She still saves lots of laughter for Sophia, and is quite content in the car every day as I tell her we are going to pick up Sophia, and she gets to play with all of Sophia's friends at the school. The older girls (8-12 year olds), LOVE playing with her, and we often hang out around the school yard for 30 min after school gets out so they get lots of practice with entertaining a 7 month old (it is not that hard!). Alexandra loves the big girls...

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