Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Time

Its been a while since we have shown daily life in our family. It is a bit crazy at times, but we usually don't allow Sophia to play keep-away with Alexandra's toys. Actually I think Sophia was singing a song, and using the rattle to dance.
More play in the hallway, it seems to be the best place to get a little crazy. Good dance space as well.

More after dark reading from our sleepy girl. She was so tired she couldn't even hold up the book & had used some of her doudous (including Koukala) to prop it up in the right position. It makes me smile every night...

Sophia & her friend Niamh (Neev ~ she has an Irish friend!! ) playing dress up during Thanksgiving dinner.

Watching Sleeping Beauty on the couch with Daddy. (on a side note, Disney films are usually dark, but this is unusually so. I think that the Princess is only in less than half of the film, obviously the marketing guys weren't on their toes with this one...)

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