Sunday, December 21, 2008

All there is, is snow, snow, snow

The snow was beautiful & amazingly frustrating. We had many activities planned over the time at home, and most of them had to be postponed or cancelled all together because of the snow removal policy of the City of Seattle. Poor Troy was stuck in the house most of the time, and took himself down to the local pub with wifi in order to get some work done.
I'm so sorry to all the people we were unable to see or talk to. For some reason the days of the snow were very lazy, and it was so very cold...
Just thought I would share a few photos of the neighborhood.

(I think the snowman was playing second base for the snow ball game)

The cross country skiiers were in heaven. I think there was about a foot of snow, and because it was so cold, it was powder, and lovely to get thru.

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