Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Houses

One of the traditions we had growing up was decorating Christmas houses during brunch on Christmas Eve. When Troy & I were married I received my own mold for the christmas house(thanks Mary!), but Sophia is just now the age to really start decorating, and she was so excited about it. We had done a trial run last year with lots of help from Papa, but this year she really got involved in the project. Sean had his own, and did a great job working on it with Sophia. It was a fun way to spend another snowy, very cold day.

The frosting & icing containers are so much easier to use than the ones from when we were kids (they are now like the squeeze cheese containers), which were still in the pantry. I don't think that stuff ever goes bad!

Alexandra was very interested in all of the colors & kept grabbing for the kiss shaped m&ms.

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