Sunday, June 14, 2009

The last day

After our struggle yesterday morning trying to get out & see something touristy, we decided that our last day should just be a pool & beach day. Being a Sunday, the beaches were amazingly crowded, so we decided to stay at our pool, and Sophia decided that today was the day for her to learn how to swim.

2009-6 cro (163) 2009-6 cro (165) yes, Alexandra even sucked on her binky after it had fallen into the salt water…

She had been trying to swim without her water wings for most of the time here, but only 2-3 feet to the ladder & back to us (mostly covered by her push off), but suddenly she told me to walk backwards as she was swimming toward me, and off she went.

(she still looks a bit like an animal just able to keep its head out of the water, but she made it the whole length of the pool!).

Plus after a few swims across the pool she was able to push Alexandra around in her swim ring. Very fun for both of them!

The video is of her attempts & success over the days,

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Katie DeAngelo said...

Hi there. I hope I'm not being too foward. I happened across your blog while researching Munich online. We're moving to Munich in a month or so and I could relate to your life so I thought you or your blog might have some insights for us! We are bringing our almost 2-year-old daughter with us and baby number 2 is due in early November. Are you enjoying Munich and it's surroundings? Have you found it to be an easy transition? I see that you've moved from Paris so clearly you're used to international life. I'm excited, but just a little nervous about what a change this will be to our lives. If you have any insights, I'd be happy to hear them. Your family is beautiful and I hope I haven't invaded your privacy too much! Best, Katie