Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dinner at Sunset

Vacation time is so different from daily life, and we were able to have a couple of rest times during the day that allowed the girls  to be able to stay up for the late sunset.  2009-6 cro (114) 2009-6 cro (120)

I’d forgotten how wonderful it is to watch the sun set into the water, and to have the feeling of salt on your skin all day long (even the pools are salt water here). 

2009-6 cro (130)

We found a great restaurant on the resort at the water’s edge where we could watch the sun move during dinner, the girls loved the play at the waters edge after dinner, and then collapsed before we made it back to our villa…

2009-6 cro (147) 2009-6 cro (142) Sophia doing her sunset Ballet dance

2009-6 cro (145)  2009-6 cro (159) taken by Sophia!

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