Friday, June 12, 2009

Relaxation in Istria

We stayed on the northern part of the Croatian Coast, and the sunshine was very welcomed!  After the long (horrible) drive thru the hailstorms, we had dinner on a terrace overlooking the beach & watching the sunset.  Sophia complained about the sun in her eyes, and we realized we forgot Alexandra’s seat, but Troy & I loved it.  It was nice just to feel like relaxation was taking over us…

2009-6 cro (15)2009-6 cro (16)  

The next day we really fell into vacation mode.  The girls (sharing a room for the first time) were up at 7, with Troy, while I had a bit of a lie in, then when I got up, Alexandra & Troy went back to bed for the first nap of the day while Sophia & I scouted out the resort, the pools, and the closest cup of coffee.

2009-6 cro (19)2009-6 cro (21)

When we all managed to get up & out the door together, we headed for the pool on the beach, and lunch in the sun.

2009-6 cro (25) 2009-6 cro (26)

2009-6 cro (24)  2009-6 cro (29)Alexandra collapsed from exhaustion and fun… 2009-6 cro (30) After hours of swimming, and attempts to swim without water wings, Sophia found out one of the pleasures of vacation being almost endless hydrating treats (Fruit pushups being my personal favorite) and lots of late nights watching sunsets.

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