Saturday, October 24, 2009

A fall walk

Oct 2009 312

Saturday we took advantage of a wonderful fall day in Munich to walk (and sometimes run) the gardens of Nymphenburg palace.  We had never walked the entire length of the canal, and Alexandra was sleeping, so we had a great afternoon on the sunny side of the water, running thru the few leaves that have fallen, and basically just trying to get as much out of the warm day as possible.Oct 2009 278 Oct 2009 294 Oct 2009 305 Oct 2009 309 Oct 2009 341 It reminds us of our afternoons at Versailles, of course… (I sounds like a snob!)

Oct 2009 346

Alexandra eventually did wake up, but didn’t really become herself until snack time at the Palm Haus Cafe.  It was wonderful sitting outside in the sun, but I could see going there for a coffee on a cold day in March or April, just to feel like spring is coming.

Oct 2009 370

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