Thursday, October 29, 2009

Half term break

or Fall Break for all of our US friends…  Troy has been traveling so much, and Sophia had a week off of school this week so we decided to head back to France for a few days of wine, markets, and some shopping.  The Alsace is quickly becoming one of our favorite places in France for all the things we like most about France (wine, markets & shopping!) plus it is a medium drive from Munich (about 5 hours) and we feel like we can easily get there for a long weekend.   IMG_7793 IMG_7912

We went last year at the same time, but I had an eye infection, and it rained most of the week, so we were looking forward to a bit of a different experience this time, and boy did we get it.  A beautiful drive, amazing fall colors (Munich went straight from Summer to Winter & all of the leaves froze green on the trees & then dropped off), and sunshine for the first couple days.  IMG_7758 IMG_7764

Our base was just outside of Colmar, and we thoroughly enjoyed our first day at the market, and then wandering around the town until lunch time.IMG_7778 IMG_7780 IMG_7775  IMG_7777 IMG_7759 IMG_7762IMG_7791 IMG_7826 The girls were a little bored with our photo taking at the market, so we took turns at the play structure next to the market.  Unfortunately, Alexandra was more interested in the wooden boxes and pallets that were lying around than playing on the slide, but at least we all had a good time.

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