Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ruins & Ribeauville

Troy & I have had a couple of experiences with the girls where we look at each other & say “bad parenting decision”.  Most of these have to do with hiking up rocks, a hill, or wandering around ruins.  Today we had all of those.  There are the ruins of three castles above Eguisheim (the town where we are staying) & they look so beautiful silhouetted against the Vosges mountains that we decided to spend this morning wandering around castles.  The plan was to explore these, and then drive over to the Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle.  Alsace Oct 09 (220)Alsace Oct 09 (217) Alsace Oct 09 (222) Alsace Oct 09 (219)

After walking up the hill, stumbling over rocks, and climbing ruins of stairs, and taking a couple of photos, we decided that we needed to work our way back down the hill, into the car, and skip castle ruins until both girls can wear hiking boots.

Happy Halloween by the way.

So we drove to the charming town of Ribeauville, and it happened to be market day (I love it when that happens), and we enjoyed the very picturesque streets, vineyards surrounding the car park, a wonderfully delicious lunch, and a black pig taking a walk thru the streets.  Delightful, and a much better decision…

Alsace Oct 09 (225) Alsace Oct 09 (230) Alsace Oct 09 (236) Alsace Oct 09 (237) Alsace Oct 09 (235) Alsace Oct 09 (239) Alsace Oct 09 (240) Alsace Oct 09 (243)

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