Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Days with Alexandra

Alexandra, at 18 months, is amazing and so much fun. Her understanding of language is unreal, and she is just now starting to say yes & no, although she has been nodding or shaking her head for a couple months now. It is so cute to hear the little voice come out of her. A little voice that gets much, much louder the longer she has to call for you. The first “Mama” is quite nice, friendly, eager. But the second is almost a shout, and from that point on it is all earplugs…Oct 2009 089

Before the weather turned I would often pick her up on bicycle from nursery school & bring her home for nap time. Oct 2009 421

She fell asleep almost every day! It is just so amazing to have a child that transitions from bike to bed (including taking helmet, shoes, and coat off & putting the sleep sack on) without waking up.Oct 2009 472

Now that the weather is freezing, she wears her snow suit, and loves putting her hat on. (She is all about the accessories & shoes).

Breakfast this past week has been quite entertaining because she was on fall break, and we needed to mix it up a bit…Oct 2009 002 Unfortunately it left a bit of a mark…Oct 2009 005

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