Friday, November 06, 2009

Deutschland Cup

This weekend the Hockey teams from the US, Germany, Slovakia (I think) and Switzerland played in a tournament here in Munich.  Troy & I went to the Friday night match up between Germany & the US with some friends from Troy’s office & from Sophia’s school.  Oct 2009 552 We thought it might be the same team we saw play at the World Championships in Switzerland in May (they were struggling), but they did manage to win, in an Overtime – shoot out 3-2.

Oct 2009 541

We were the only people we could see that brought our US flags, and we even made it up on the big screen.  The Germans sitting around us were very entertained by us, and everyone stayed thru the awarding of MVP & playing of the US national anthem at the end of the match.  Oct 2009 535

Usually we aren’t much for flag waving when we are the foreigners, but it was great fun!

Oct 2009 537Of course Troy was also wearing his Slovakia team jersey, so we got lots of crazy looks…

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