Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter fun

The best part about Easter in Paris, is all the fun we have in the afternoon.

Brunch with Benjamin, girls fawning all over him already2010-04-04 2010-04-04 003 001 2010-04-04 2010-04-04 003 002 I think he was a little overwhelmed by the attention.

The off to the Champs de Mars for carousel rides and bikes…2010-04-04 2010-04-04 003 008 2010-04-04 2010-04-04 001 070 As we were walking up to the cars & bikes I asked Troy (who was walking with Alexandra) if he wanted to run her around the course?  His reply – No I think Sophia does fine on her own.  I had to remind him that Sophia was already riding on the cars, and I was actually asking about Alexandra. He was just so used to doing this with Sophia, that it took a second to realize that Alexandra is the exact same age Sophia was when we lived in Paris.   Alexandra was very into the cars, to the point of trying to climb over the small wall to get to them. 

2010-04-04 2010-04-04 001 079 Riding on Aladdin's carpet, Alexandra’s head started moving to the club songs playing over the sound system.2010-04-04 2010-04-04 001 081 and trying to sing along.

2010-04-04 2010-04-04 001 088 2010-04-04 2010-04-04 001 100 2010-04-04 2010-04-04 001 111 2010-04-04 2010-04-04 001 123 Alexandra sat out the last couple rides while Sophia went on her own (Sophia could ride the carousel for hours!!).

And at the end of the day we were all happy, and a bit exhausted.  A perfect holiday.

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