Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter morning in Paris

The girls have been sharing a room in our apartment, and this morning Sophia, again, woke Troy & I up with complaints that Alexandra had woken her up.  At 8am.  Not bad really, considering that Troy & I have really tried to avoid putting them in the same room because Alexandra hasn’t been a sound sleeper, and we didn’t like having two sleepy (cranky) girls during the day.  This trip changed all that.

Every morning Alexandra would wake up, part the curtains surrounding her crib, and start calling Sophia’s name out.  Her voice would get louder & louder until Sophia woke up (Troy & I were usually awake & listening at this point).  They would talk, and then at some point Sophia would either get in the crib with Alexandra, or figure out a way to pull Alexandra out, unzip her sleep sack, and the 2 of them would run into our bed for a little morning family cuddle.

Easter was a bit different because it marked the day when Sophia realized that she & Alexandra could wander a bit, and she found the Easter baskets…2010-04-04 2010-04-04 002 014 New Books, bubbles, umbrellas, and a few chocolates (the Easter bunny loves the Boulangeries in Paris).  An egg hunt around the apartment, and everyone was happy!2010-04-04 2010-04-04 002 002 2010-04-04 2010-04-04 002 006 2010-04-04 2010-04-04 002 007  2010-04-04 2010-04-04 002 025 2010-04-04 2010-04-04 002 035 2010-04-04 2010-04-04 002 059

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