Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The man back on Campus…

Photos for the new job

After 5 years & 3 months our adventure is coming to an end.  Troy has recently accepted a position back at corp HQ, and we will be moving at the end of the school year – which also happens to be the end of the fiscal year, so it’s a nice time to break.

Paris Week 2 034 It’s amazing to look at the beginning of this blog, my first entries, and our first adventures.  Sophia had just turned a year when we arrived in Paris, and now we have Alexandra – born in Munich, and has never lived in the US!Assisi

I know things are about to get crazy with packing (selling a kitchen, figuring out air shipment vs. containership, repainting, cleaning to high German standards, etc), plus we are sneaking in one more vacation (Troy will hit the ground running & we probably won’t see much of him once he is in the new role), so posting is going to be a little delayed over the next few weeks.  On the other hand, I may have time while exhausted in the evenings to go back & fill in some missing holes – so if you have an RSS feed & you see dates from 2005 & 2006, that is why.

We are really excited to get back to life where we can think  longer than 2-3 years out…  And maybe hang up some artwork!

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