Saturday, May 15, 2010

Play with the Lanclemps

We had a great time with our friends from Paris on their way back from vacation in Italy.  Sophia & Constance have been friends since Sophia’s 2nd birthday (Constance’s first party at 1 month old), and as the years have passed the girls have had such a great time together…  Alexandra & Phineas are only 6 weeks apart, and so far so good!Phinneas, Constance, Sophia & Alexandra - all checking out the Nintendo DS. Sophia reading Constance a good night story Constance slept in Sophia’s room, Sophia’s first real sleep over, and everyone slept really late!! (almost 8:30!!)2010-05-15 2010-05-15 001 002 Saturday was a rainy day at the play park next to our favorite beer garden (which still isn’t open because it is so frickin cold!!!!)2010-05-15 2010-05-15 001 006 2010-05-15 2010-05-15 001 009 2010-05-15 2010-05-15 001 021 So the kids played with the dads, while Kate & I ran downtown to do a bit of shopping, and then we all met up for lunch at the Park Cafe in the kids section.  Which meant that we all were happy!!

It was as they were leaving, and Sophia was asking “when?,” that we realized this is probably the last time that we will be dropping in on each other for vacations.  Yes, the east coast isn’t all that far from us in Seattle, and maybe that will become our new focus over the next few years – lets face it, jet lag will be a lot easier.  But we look forward to seeing all of our Paris friends very soon! 

(GIRLS weekend in Boston next year?!)

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